Moving to SubscribeStar

I created a new account on SubscribeStar, where I will continue posting my works, including Early Access to futa and bottom characters, stages, and code updates. As a first reward, I’m posting all of my never-before-released content. This includes lots of bottom updates featuring 8-frame compatibility for smoother and jiggly animations, the Huge Balls and … Read more

Futinahri 3.0 Guide

With the latest update of Futinahri 3.0, Mugenfutacharsmaker introduced a new style of minigame that may have confused some players, as it’s the first minigame of this style to ever exist for MUGEN. This minigame revolves around “Directional keys,” where you have to press arrow keys in time to win. When playing as the Futa/Aggressor, … Read more


Welcome to the new Mugen Futa site design, currently only Mugenfutacharsmaker basic stuff is uploaded here, but others artists edits will be uploaded soon. The new look of this site was designed by an artist who decided to help and colaborate with it, this artist will also design the new “Mugen Futa” Ikemen game that … Read more

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