How to add chars to Ikemen/Mugen

To add a new character to the game, first drag and drop the character folder into the “chars” folder, then go to the “data” folder and open the select.def file with notepad, search for the line “;Insert your characters below.” and below it add the character you downloaded, it must look like this:

“Char folder name/Char.def”.

The line must path to the character folder, and then to the .Def file of the character, some chars don’t have the same name for the folder and def file, so go into the char folder and check if the char .def file has the same name, if not, you can modify the .def name to match the char folder, normally that doesn’t cause issues.
Most of the chars here have the same names for the folder and the def file.

– In-game chars order is the same as your chars list from select.def, you can organize them depending of their compatibility/role, like futas first and bottoms after futas so you can easily know what is what.

– Don’t add poor quality or ugly chars to your chars list, if you like to play matches with random characters you will end up restarting matches a lot until the good characters are selected. Add the char you downloaded and test it, if you don’t like the sprites/animations or the code barely works just remove it from your game.
You don’t have to worry about that here though, since only chars with high or acceptable quality are uploaded here.

How to add stages to Ikemen/Mugen

Adding Stages is almost like adding chars, Stages normally don’t have a folder, just three files, .def .sff and .mp3, you must drag and drop the .def and .sff files into your Ikemen/Mugen “stages” folder, and the .mp3 into the “sound” folder, then go to the “data” folder, open select.def with notepad and add the name of the .def file of the stage under
” ;Insert your stages below.”, it must look like this:

stages/stage name.def


– Some stages don’t have music (mp3 file), if you want to add music to them, get the music you want as mp3 file, and drop it into your ikemen/mugen sound folder, then go to the stages folder and open your stage .def file with notepad, search for the line “[Music]”, and add your mp3 file name on the “bgmusic =” line, it must look like this:

sound/your music name.mp3

– Some stages are quite heavy on performance, specially on MUGEN, if your game has poor fps, it must be your stage, Ikemen has better performance for stages in general.

How to do the hentai scenes

First, you need a Top and a Bottom char

Once you have both added to your game, you can start a match in “Training Mode” or “Practice”, select the Top char, and then the Bottom Char, select a random stage, once you are in the match





You must press the keys to move backward > forward > medium punch/hard punch close to the Bottom char.

If you did it correctly, the hentai scene will start, you can use the movement keys to switch between poses, and the attack keys to change speed.

Some Tops requires to go through a minigame to gain full control of the scene, most are just pressing keys repeatedly to fill a bar. Some gives you the option to skip the minigame, for example, Futinahri 2.0 gives you some extra keys to do additional stuff during the scene

Taunt, Taunt: End hentai scene

Taunt + Z: Skip Minigame

Taunt + B: Auto Mode (only after minigame)

Taunt + A: Transparency (only after minigame)

On MFCM Futa Tops, to do the “Violent” mode you need 2 power bars.

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