Download the base game to start building your collection. This is the latest Ikemen version, and includes 600 character slots. In this build, you'll find FutaLB Felicia and Supergirl. Please read the guides to learn how to use them and how to add more characters and stages.

If you have a monitor with 120Hz or higher refresh rate, download the 120fps version, as the game will appear much smoother. Please note that menus will appear to move at twice the speed, but this won't cause any issues.

If you have a small monitor and the default resolution doesn't fit on your screen, download the 720p version instead.

Even though this game is often referred to as "MUGEN," it's important to note that MUGEN itself has not received updates since 2013. Ikemen, on the other hand, is an actively maintained and open-source alternative to MUGEN. Developers are actively working on it to add new features and address long-standing issues present in MUGEN. Here's a list of some of the known differences between the two:

High Framerate Support: Ikemen supports higher frame rates, which results in smoother gameplay.

Better Performance: Ikemen is optimized for better performance compared to MUGEN.

Improved Coding Logic: Ikemen incorporates improved coding logic, making it more efficient and stable.

Bug Fixes: Many bugs and issues present in MUGEN have been fixed in Ikemen. These include problems related to character order, palette, difficulty settings, and more.

Stage Elements: Ikemen introduces stage elements, such as breakable objects or damage zones.

These are just a few of the differences, and there may be more features and improvements in Ikemen. It's a great choice for those looking to enjoy the classic MUGEN experience with modern enhancements and ongoing development.

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