Futinahri 3.0 Guide

With the latest update of Futinahri 3.0, Mugenfutacharsmaker introduced a new style of minigame that may have confused some players, as it's the first minigame of this style to ever exist for MUGEN. This minigame revolves around "Directional keys," where you have to press arrow keys in time to win.

When playing as the Futa/Aggressor, as soon as you grab the Bottom character, directional keys will appear every x seconds. There are two types of directional keys: for the blue ones, you will have to press the arrow in the same direction as shown on the screen, while for the red ones, you will have to press the opposite direction. Successfully pressing the keys in time will increase the speed over time, but be cautious because the faster you go, the faster directional keys will appear.

You can miss up to 3 times before you lose the minigame and the Bottom character escapes.

Once the "Speed bar" is filled, a giant heart will appear at the top of the Futa character. When this heart appears, press the cum button in time, and a cum scene will start. After this scene finishes, the "Freemode" will begin, allowing you to freely change poses and speeds.

If you fail to press the button in time, the futa will fail to cum and you will lose the minigame, requiring you to grab the bottom character and start the minigame again. There is a cooldown for grabs, and this cooldown is longer if you fail the minigame.

If you manage to fill the "Speed bar" without a single miss, once you reach speed 5, the Futa will go into "Violent mode". If you successfully fill the bar while in violent mode, a violent cum scene will start, which is longer than the normal one. This only applies to the normal assault; the violent assault already starts in "Violent mode".

When you release the bottom character after winning the minigame, certain characters with custom futinahri compatibility will enter a "Defeated" state. In this state, they will remain in a specific pose, where you can attack and grab them. If you grab bottom characters in this "Defeated" state, the minigame will be automatically skipped.

Playing as the bottom character, the same minigame applies. However, if you fail three times, the Futa will automatically win the minigame, and you'll enter "Free mode." In this mode, you can't escape unless the Futa decides to release you.

Bottom characters with custom futinahri compatibility will enter another minigame called "Defeated" after being released by the Futa. In this new minigame, you'll need to repeatedly press two keys to drain the "Cum Bar" and expel the cum. Once the bar is completely drained, you'll recover from the "Defeated" state to continue fighting. However, you can get grabbed again before draining the cum bar.

Alternatively, if minigames aren't your preference, you can skip the minigame by pressing the taunt key or download the "no minigame" version of the futa.

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