Welcome to the new Mugen Futa site design, currently only Mugenfutacharsmaker basic stuff is uploaded here, but others artists edits will be uploaded soon.

The new look of this site was designed by an artist who decided to help and colaborate with it, this artist will also design the new “Mugen Futa” Ikemen game that will be released soon, please consider supporting him through the donation button.

Im Mugenfutacharsmaker, the one who created the site, all of my public releases, projects, etc will be uploaded here, will also be updated and fixed if necessary, if you find my edits uploaded somewhere else, probably those edits are outdated/poorly modified/bloated, or simply uploaded there with malicious intentions, so there is no need to download my edits from those sites. There are no “secret edits”, the only edits i made are the ones you see in this site.

The GB/SB/HB/Demon versions of the Futa edits aren’t available yet, but will be uploaded soon, those edits requires a slight modificatión on the site’s design that will take some time, but you will see it very soon.

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