Moving to SubscribeStar

I created a new account on SubscribeStar, where I will continue posting my works, including Early Access to futa and bottom characters, stages, and code updates.

As a first reward, I'm posting all of my never-before-released content. This includes lots of bottom updates featuring 8-frame compatibility for smoother and jiggly animations, the Huge Balls and Giant Balls versions of FutaLB Weiss, a few stages with exclusive NSFW animations never used on characters (mostly new poses apart from the 4 classic poses), early access to the demon fairy, and lastly, Futinahri 4.0 (WIP). This newest code finally uses IKEMEN features to enable some cool coding and, most importantly, eliminates the "Custom compatibility" issue, which forced you to add certain codes and sprites to make a character compatible with a certain futa. Now you just need to download a single file to add custom compatibility globally.

Click on Shermie to go to my SubscribeStar

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